Cancer Healthcare Benefits Providers for UK Employers & Employees

Our care team has a deep understanding of cancer services in the UK.

Some of us have roots in the NHS. Some of us come from private medical providers. Collectively, we understand how to make the healthcare system work in people’s best interests.

“Our support team of Care Navigators, Case Managers and Nurse Specialists are all motivated by a desire to champion the unique needs, views and preferences of every person we help. We are dedicated to providing individual support designed for you. We understand how a diagnosis can turn your life upside down and will help you navigate what is a complex healthcare system, ensuring you find the right information, specialists and the practical help that you require.”

Andrew Gueterbock – Operations Director

We will be with you every step of the way and always fighting your corner.

Meet The Care Team

Care Navigators

Whether they’re already protected by one of our policies or think they’d benefit from our support and would like to learn more, when someone contacts HSC it’s an experienced Care Navigator on the receiving end. Entrusted with gaining a clear understanding of the concern, diagnosis and personal preferences so they can establish the most appropriate course of action, our Care Navigators feel strongly that the most appropriate care and support shouldn’t just be reserved for the fortunate few. Gently guiding each client through the registration process at a pace that feels right for them, their reputation for being approachable, empathetic, professional and knowledgeable is richly deserved.

Case Managers

Motivated to make a difference, our Case Managers won’t stop until the unique views, needs and preferences of their clients have been acknowledged. As the employee’s main advocate and go-to contact at HSC, the things they support people with are many and varied. Whether it’s helping people to choose the most appropriate second opinion specialist, arranging appointments and care with some of the world’s most respected doctors, chasing medical records and x-rays, answering questions about treatments and tests or supporting clients with their specific emotional, practical and clinical needs, our Case Management team takes great pride in driving through our mission of turning healthcare on its head – one cancer diagnosis at a time.

Cancer Nurse Specialists

Our Cancer Nurse Specialists are renowned for the invaluable and bespoke support they provide. Alongside answering questions about a diagnosis or cancer concern, supporting people to identify their own needs, suggesting ways to cope with physical problems, helping people and their loved ones prepare for appointments and recommending additional sources of beneficial support, our in-house cancer nurses can also accompany clients to consultations. Introduced at HSC to soften the impact of a cancer diagnosis and help people cope with symptoms or concerns, their unwavering in-person and remote support is applauded by employees and employers alike.

Why offer
cancer support services?

50% of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime, a frightening statistic, but with the right advice and support many of us will work through our treatment, recover and return to the workplace.

The Cancer
Support Programme

Provides reassurance and connects your staff to the right specialists and resources at their time of need. Receiving the right diagnosis and support can make a huge difference to how your employees…

A low cost
high-value benefit

Provide this valuable support from as little as the cost of a cup of coffee per month per employee. This can be a standalone product or work expertly with private medical insurance helping the individual navigate both the NHS or through the private system…

With support, people stay productive for longer, resume normal life more quickly and feel valued by employers