Cancer Healthcare Benefits Providers for UK Employers & Employees

Cancer Healthcare Benefits Schemes for Individuals

Though most of those that we support are looked after under an employer’s scheme, HSC do offer Cancer Healthcare Benefit Schemes for Individuals

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer or you’re going through treatment and beyond, we’ve got your back. We know how frightening a diagnosis can be. And that different people need different help at different times. We also get how important it is to have access to the best possible care and support.

Our Specialist Support Programmes

Been diagnosed with cancer?

With us by your side you’ll have confidence in your diagnosis and clarity around your treatment options. We’ll also help you cope with your specific emotional, practical and physical needs. Our cancer healthcare individual programmes offer the same support as our corporate schemes.

Our Cancer Support Programme for Individuals

We’ll support you to find the most appropriate specialist from our network of experts. And if necessary, get a second opinion to help confirm that your diagnosis is correct and that your care plan is the most suitable for your needs. Understand your specific cancer type, then explore treatment options that may not be widely available.

A Personal Cancer Care Review

Dedicated phone support from a Case Manager plus a personalised one-to-one phone consultation with a Cancer Nurse Specialist help you to focus on those things that are most important to you.

Support and Information

We’ll recommend and implement a personalised Support Plan for you. It’ll be relevant to your specific concerns, needs and cancer type and designed to support you through treatment and beyond.

Cancer Nurse Specialist Support

We’ll provide support from a Cancer Nurse Specialist before and after your consultation. There’s also optional in person support from a Cancer Nurse Specialist during your consultation.

Extending your support with us?

The Core package doesn’t include ongoing support. However, if you do require ongoing personalised support from a dedicated Case Manager and Cancer Nurse Specialist, we have a 12-month support package available which does just that.

Your Case Manager will:

  • Support you to choose a second opinion specialist
  • Answer questions about treatments and tests
  • Arrange further private medical appointments
  • Chase, gather and check medical records
  • Prepare medical notes for consultations
  • Co-ordinate travel and accommodation
  • Arrange access to other beneficial services

A Cancer Nurse Specialist will:

  • Help you prepare questions for appointments
  • Accompany you to a clinic or consultation*
  • Take notes throughout your consultation
  • Answer diagnosis and treatment questions
  • Suggest ways to cope with physical problems
  • Recommend additional sources of cancer support

With support, we can help you to manage the clinical, emotional and practical challenges pre and post a cancer diagnosis