Cancer Healthcare Benefits Providers for UK Employers & Employees

If you’re an employer looking to provide an attractive employee cancer health and wellbeing benefit and better manage the effect of cancer in the workplace, you’ve come to the right place.

HSC supports you to better manage cancer in the workplace. Providing an affordable and attractive employee benefit. With the increasing focus on employee wellbeing and employer duty of care, many companies are recognising the importance of putting in place a robust and valuable cancer support programme. That’s exactly what we offer.

of employees fear no form of support from their employer once diagnosed.
would be uncomfortable discussing a cancer diagnosis with their employer.
of organisations plan to place a greater focus on communicating healthcare.

Why offer
cancer support services?

50% of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime, a frightening statistic, but with the right advice and support many of us will work through our treatment, recover and return to the workplace.

The Cancer
Support Programme

Provides reassurance and connects your staff to the right specialists and resources at their time of need. Receiving the right diagnosis and support can make a huge difference to how your employees…

A low cost
high-value benefit

Provide this valuable support from as little as the cost of a cup of coffee per month per employee. This can be a standalone product or work expertly with private medical insurance helping the individual navigate both the NHS or through the private system…


Your Employee Cancer Support

Providing expert advice and support at a fraction of the cost of PMI. Cancer Support works either with or without private medical insurance. It provides expert help and advice for you and your employees.

“A diagnosis can be traumatic for all involved so the need to support those affected by cancer was clear to us. It’s one of the reasons the cancer support service from HSC has been so well received by employers.”

Ambika Fraser.
Head of Propositions, Unum.

Cancer In The Workplace

  • The number of people living with cancer in the UK is set to double by 2030
  • An increasing number of working-age people are diagnosed or looking after loved ones with cancer at home
  • The workplace cost impact of cancer on individuals, teams and business performance can’t be underestimated
  • Increasingly employers are making a commitment to wellbeing and standing by employees when they need it most
  • More people are surviving cancer than ever before but recovery can take many months
  • Many choose to work through treatment or return to work once treatment has finished
  • With support, people stay productive for longer, resume normal life more quickly and feel valued by employers

We help you to:

  • Maintain a cost-effective, attractive employee health and well-being benefit package
  • Provide strong healthcare benefits to all staff – not just the senior management team
  • Support your teams to handle cancer in the workplace – effectively and with empathy
  • Stand by your employees and their families when they need it most
  • Plug the gaps left by some other services
  • Support employees so they remain productive at work as long as possible and the return to work is well managed
  • Manage the workplace cost impact of cancer on individuals, teams and the business overall

With support, people stay productive for longer, resume normal life more quickly and feel valued by employers