Cancer Healthcare Benefits Providers for UK Employers & Employees

If you’re an employee concerned about the potential future impact of cancer on you or your family, HSC employee cancer support & benefits can help.

For employees supported by their employer’s Cancer Support Programme and wishing to contact our care team, please call 0207 963 0309. If you are not supported by your employer’s programme, you can still access our cancer support services as an individual click here to find out more.

To learn more about the ongoing clinical, practical and emotional support that we offer please read on. We are here to support you every step of the way.

cancer patients wait over a month for the results of X-rays and scans.
patients waited more than the target of 62 days to start cancer treatment.
people had to wait over 2 weeks to see a cancer specialist in the UK.

Why we offer cancer support:

  • An increasing number of working-age people are diagnosed or looking after loved ones with cancer at home
  • Improved treatments, earlier diagnosis and greater awareness mean more are surviving cancer than ever before
  • Recovery is misunderstood and can take many months
  • With the right support, many are choosing to work through treatment or return to work once treatment has finished

Offering you individual ongoing support:

  • Improve the thoroughness, speed and accuracy of diagnosis, access to a second opinion if needed
  • Get access to ongoing emotional, practical and clinical support
  • Have specialists in cancer fighting your corner through treatment and beyond
  • Have factual, up-to-date detail at your fingertips
  • Know you’ve done the best you can to help yourself and your loved ones

Been diagnosed with cancer?

With us by your side you’ll have confidence in your diagnosis and clarity around your treatment options. We’ll also help you cope with your specific emotional, practical and physical needs. Click here to see our Individuals Support page.

“HSC takes you through each decision, appointment and treatment option, every step of the way.”

Dr. Sarah Jarvis MBE.
Lead Medical Adviser, HSC.
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