Cancer Healthcare Benefits Providers for UK Employers & Employees
The Story So Far

Every idea starts out as a problem. Ours was simple.

World-class care, doctors and technologies are available in the UK. But our healthcare system is complex and confusing.  Specialist Employee Cancer Support is needed.

So when time is of the essence, figuring out how to get the most appropriate employee cancer care and support can be overwhelming. This is what HSC has set out to fix. And we’ve started with cancer. Originally set up to simplify the private healthcare system around London’s Harley Street, HSC helped individuals navigate their care, and now in addition over 100,000 UK-wide employees benefit from access to our employee cancer support services and flexible healthcare benefit schemes.

Why cancer?

One in two of us will be diagnosed with the disease. Over a third of the people living with cancer in the UK are of working age. And the number of employees caring for (or concerned about) a loved one with cancer can’t be underestimated. But thankfully, with the right support, people are choosing to work through treatment or enjoying the benefits of returning to work once treatment has finished. And forward-thinking employers are discovering ways to minimise the workplace impact of cancer on individuals, teams and business performance. This is where we can help people live better with cancer.

What we believe

Why we’re different

HSC is truly independent, working equally across the private and public sectors. Plus, managing critical illness in the workplace is our speciality. We focus on clinical, practical and emotional care and support, putting the individual rather than the system at the heart of their care.

Who is this for?

The majority of our work revolves around protecting employees and their families from the future potential impact of cancer. And helping employers minimise the disruption on people, their teams and the business overall.

But we also collaborate with insurers, platforms, employee benefit consultants and membership organisations to drive home our mission of ensuring the most appropriate cancer support isn’t just reserved for the fortunate few.

To speak with our corporate team about introducing a cancer support service, get in touch. Or if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer but don’t have access to our services through your employer, click here to start the conversation. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

Who we are

The team at HSC has a deep understanding of cancer services in the UK. Some of us have roots in the NHS. Some of us come from private medical providers. Collectively, we understand how to make the healthcare system work in people’s best interests. Dr Sarah Jarvis MBE is our Lead Medical Adviser and we’re proud of the rigorous clinical governance standards to which we hold ourselves consistently accountable. Our network of cancer specialists includes some of the most influential and well-respected specialists in the world. Our management team champions care of the individual and adheres to a rigorous process to ensure all our clients have care tailored to their needs. From front of house to our Board of Directors, we’re all motivated by a desire to champion the unique needs, views and preferences of every person we help. Click here to meet the senior management team, Board and advisers. Or here to learn more about the people implementing our mission to turn healthcare on its head – one cancer diagnosis at a time.

Our credentials at a glance

Heritage Standards
Established 2012 to simplify the private healthcare system in Harley Street. Now a provider of cancer support to NHS and private clients UK-wide. Rigorous clinical governance. Dr Sarah Jarvis MBE is our Lead Medical Adviser.
Scale Network
Over 100,000 employees benefit from access to HSC’s cancer support services through their employer. Network of cancer experts and advisory team include some of the most influential and well-respected specialists in the world.
Approach Independent
A holistic approach to care. Emotional and practical needs given the same weight as the physical condition. Not tied to or affiliated with any one hospital or cancer specialist. The individual is supported to choose the right fit for them.
Continuity Focus
With the individual through ups and downs. Proactively guiding them, coordinating and facilitating care. Cancer is our specialty. We understand the system and how to make it work for people.

With support, people stay productive for longer, resume normal life more quickly and feel valued by employers